Other Features

Web Mail
FTP Access WAP Support
24/7 Tech Support
Graphical Hit Counter
Online Control Panel
Can host Any domain
Web Statistics
Spam Protection
SMTP, POP3, IMAP Servers
Unlimited Number of Email Accounts
Anti Virus Software
PHP4, PHP5 PERL, Pytho, Ruby and TCL

Bhea offers Web Hosting Solutions to enhances our Web Application Development Services. Our Web Hosting Solutiosn are aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises, but individuals also can buy them. Our Small Business Pack and Enterprise Pack come with fixed hosting space and fixed data transfer limit. These limits can be enhanced based on the demand.

Small Business Pack and Enterprise Business Pack along with the flexibility to add serve the needs of any customer. Our Web Hosting Services are supported by state of the art 24/7 Technical Support with 1 hour guaranteed response.

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